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We’re your secret weapon to being found online. All we do is make award-winning websites & deploy creative marketing campaigns.

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Our Process


What do you want to accomplish? What’s the “big goal” of it all? Here we set benchmarks, milestones and establish a clear objective to focus on. 


This is how we get from A to B. Research, strategy, personas and more research. We’ll figure out a plan of action that is specific to your goals and focused on the main objective.


We’ll launch your creative marketing campaign, monitor it and make sure it blows your expectations out of the water.

Results-Driven Solutions

Creative marketing is never done & is constantly evolving.

Below are a few tactics we love that have proven to be successful.

Beautiful Design

The first step is to stand out above the noise. It’s the foundation for everything we do and is the key ingredient to our creative marketing solutions.
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Iterate & tweak

Our websites are built on WordPress, which is a marketing guru’s dream. You can update, iterate and tweak any idea in seconds.

Follow the users

Your website will look great on any device, allowing your creative marketing strategies to follow your users, wherever they are.


It’s insane to launch a concept without getting any feedback prior to. We micro test the heck out of everything we do, making sure when we launch we’re already appealing to the masses.

Be Better

Easier said than done. That’s why we only hire the best and strive to be the best. It’s easy to stand out above then noise when you’re better than the competition.

Micro-sites for creative ideas

Your awesome idea may not make sense to include on your website, but it does make sense to exist on the web. We’ll create a micro site specific to your marketing campaign, with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a Mittun Made product.


Often overlooked, consistency is a critical factor in any marketing campaign. If you don’t let people forget about you, they won’t.

Out-of-the-box thinking

What makes you remember a commercial or ad over another? Assuming you’re unbiased, it is largely due to the creative thinking behind the concept. Ideation is critical at Mittun, and we love thinking outside of the box.


People search on YouTube all the time. Even if you think you have nothing to share via Video, you still can. What about that trick you learned in Excel the other day to help your business? Record that, and add a backlink to your website. Exactly.

Your Website, Transformed.

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